Mission Statement: Our Free Range Future

On a mission to a Free Range Future!

Find out about our promise as a business to work towards a sustainable and green future.


A Responsible Business


What is Corporate Responsibility?

Corporate Responsibility (CR) refers to a self-regulatory, voluntary business model which positions a business as accountable, and committed to enhancing; the social, environmental, and financial implications of its actions to all stakeholders*.  Our policy aims to ensure the business exceeds legislative duties where possible and is open to sharing and learning from others in a continuous cycle of improvement.

*All stakeholders - staff, customers, supply chain, local community, national and international communities, and future generations.



Bluestone's Promise: A Free Range Future

In recognition of our commitment to corporate responsibility, a new department was established in January 2019. The aim of the department is to consolidate all issues around Sustainable development and form a basis on which to build a Free Range Future.

The remit of the department is:

1. To take Bluestone into a position of sector leadership.

2. To be continually progressive.

3. To share best practices wherever possible.

The department operates a learning and sharing ethos, supporting greater understanding and the enhancement of sustainable development, engaging both sector and cross-sector partners, and the wider community at large.

What is Free Range?

Bluestone means endless space to wander, roam and enjoy at your leisure. No boundaries, no closed dorrs, or confined spaces. Just you and nature, so you can grow and be happy! 

Our aim now is to bring that Free Range ethos into all aspects of Bluestone, informing and guiding the business as it escalates towards an apex of responsibility. This aim has led to the development of 'Free Range Future', a range of initiatives and ongoing strategies designed to maximise the positive impacts of our business and minimise the negative ones.

Our 'Free Range' manifesto embodies our mission, and the embedding of corporate responsibility in our business model supports Free-Ranging; locally, regionally, globally, and right here at Bluestone National Park Resort - now and into the future.


Our Values

Responsibility and sustainable development are at the heart of Bluestone's values.

The principles on which the business operates today have been its building blocks since before we opened in 2008. Founder William McNamara penned these values prior to shaping the business model, and Bluestone has checked itself against them at every step of its journey.

“Bluestone National Park Resort will seek to enrich the natural environment and create a net increase in the diversity of both habitats and species. Empathy with the natural world will be quite literally, at the heart of this holiday experience. Bluestone’s ethos has to be the care of its natural environment and it is this dependence that will drive the need to conserve and enhance the vitality of the surrounding countryside, as well as increasing the public understanding and enjoyment of it, both now and far into the future.

The positive economic impact of Bluestone is very significant to Pembrokeshire but not at the expense of the environment.” 

William McNamara, Founder, and CEO, Bluestone Resorts Ltd






Proving our commitment 


Our mission to build a Free Range Future is already making a difference. Since opening in 2008 we've partnered with numerous organisations and been rewarded for our work in sustainability and the environment, these include: 

  • Green Key - Accredited
  • Business in the Community - Member
  • Pembrokeshire Nature Partnership – Member
  • WRAP Food Road Map - Member
  • WRAP Guardians of Grub - Member
  • Surfers against Sewage, 250 Club - Member


What our partners think

Don't take it from us that we're committed to a Free Range Future, here's what some of the organisations we work closest with think of our progress. 


Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner:

“ I have been very impressed with the way in which Bluestone are embracing sustainability and the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act, from reducing their general waste by over 40%, to enhancing biodiversity, and working with public services during the pandemic - there are lots for others to learn from them. I hope that they will now take their good work even further.”



Ant Rogers, Biodiversity Implementation Officer, Pembrokeshire Nature Partnership:

“Bluestone are valued members of the Pembrokeshire Nature Partnership, working together to promote natural recovery in our county. The transformation at Bluestone from a dairy farm to a nature-based resort has seen increases in biodiversity and the contribution the site makes to wider ecological networks.

The work that has been done to develop habitats and enhance the natural assets has taken place with reference to local and national Nature Recovery Action Plans.

This most recent Biodiversity Action Plan for Bluestone is both comprehensive and aspirational. I am very happy to provide this foreword for the 2021 BAP, and look forward to working with the team at Bluestone over the coming years.”



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