Waste Management: Recycling Goals

We recognise that the best way to deal with waste is to prevent it from arising in the first place. However, some waste we can't prevent and so we have introduced a range of schemes to ensure we re-use, recover or recycle as much as we can. Less than 1% of our waste goes to landfill.


Waste Management


We have sent general waste to be burnt for energy since 2017 but, more recently, we felt there were still a few too many potentially recyclable items going in black bags. So in 2019, we embarked on a comprehensive staff training and awareness campaign and were successful in reducing the volume of general waste by an average of 10 tonnes per month.

Our food waste is anaerobically digested locally at Asguard Renewables in Cardigan. The process creates Methane, which is used to generate electricity for the National Grid and wet waste (slurry) which is used by local farmers to inject into the soil as fertiliser.


Many items we no longer need are diverted from waste through community partnerships which can upcycle or re-use them. One of these partners is Value Independence, a local Community Interest Company that provides support to help people to gain new skills, improve confidence and become more independent, whether it be within their own home or within the community.

We donate old sofa’s to Value Independence for their craft group to repair and redistribute to those in need. Any deemed beyond repair are dismantled so the separate materials can be re-used. The leather is used to re-upholster other furniture, the wood is used to make shelves, and the stuffing to fill cushions.

We also work with Pembrokeshire FRAME (Charity) and Normand Industries (Local Authority) to re-upholster old sofas, and recycle unserviceable sofas.


XCEL Project

Serviceable white goods and kitchen appliances are donated to the Xcel Project in Carmarthen, a social enterprise founded by Towy Community Church which brings investment, jobs, and services to the local community. The project supports people in crisis by providing food, furniture, clothing, and other resources through the Carmarthen Foodbank, Xcel Furniture, and Xcel Community Shop.

All non serviceable white goods are sent for recycling.



We don't mind a bit of rain at Bluestone. It's what makes everything so green, and being careful with such a precious natural resource is high on our agenda. While our guests are enjoying all the activities provided in the dry of our Serendome, the rain outside is collected from its roof (and our other major buildings) and redirected to our attenuation pond. The water at the pond is UV treated and then used for watering the hundreds of trees inside the Serendome and the hundreds of acres across the resort.

Renewable Energy
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