DIBI Milano Facial Treatment – The Gold

The ultimate indulgence

This is the most luxurious treatment for those wanting a little ‘extra’ for their skin. The full facial ritual includes serum application using the Dermophoretic System that helps the active ingredients in DIBI’s innovative products to penetrate your skin more effectively, all topped off with 24K gold leaf applied to the skin.

What's involved:

  • The combination of 24K gold leaves and Vitamin E reawaken the collagen and densify the tissues while providing antioxidative protection to the cells

  • Includes a serum enriched with unique youth peptides, gold, and antioxidant ingredients that revitalise and help strengthen the skin

  • Expect to feel completely radiant with truly revitalised skin

  • For the full spa experience, we recommend using The Thermal Suite before your treatment to prepare the skin, muscles, and mind. You have two hours complimentary use of the Thermal Suite with this treatment. 

  • Ages 16+
  • 1 hour
  • The Well Spa
  • Adult required
  • January - December
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