Legend of the Well Spa

The Well Spa Retreat at Bluestone is the ultimate experience for those seeking rest and healing. From the conventional to the cutting-edge, award-winning therapists who are on hand to pamper visitors using the pinnacle of relaxation techniques and treatments. Whilst the Well Spa is at the forefront of modernity, it remains informed and inspired by the natural world and the ancient site it stands upon. Namely the coasts and waters that frame and bring life to our county, Pembrokeshire and the ancient and mysterious well that flows through the foundations of Bluestone itself.


A mysterious history…


The Well Spa Retreat is built on ground that was once long-ago tread by those looking for healing and rejuvenation. Above the spa opposite the Newton North Church lies the remnants of an ancient holy well, whose waters flowed through where Bluestone now stands. Locals and pilgrims would’ve sought out the mystic waters, to drink and to bathe in, seeking it’s healing properties. It’s thought whilst Newton North Church was constructed in the 12th century, the ground itself has been invoked for it’s holy properties thousands of years prior. From ancient Pagans, and now today for those of us in the 21st century, the Well Spa has been sought out through the years for its power of revitalisation.


The Well Spa Retreat


To find the source of the timeless waters and retrace the ancient steps of pilgrims seeking healing, you’ll need to head to the Bluestone village and the ruin of the Newton North Church. Toward the east end of the church, you’ll see water bubbling and frothing from underground. From here water flows through the village and into Bluestone Lake before joining the brook adjacent to our nature trail. The water will then journey onwards before reaching the Eastern Cleddau. 


The source is now boggy and overgrown, so we wouldn’t recommend taking a dip, but we can imagine in ancient times water may have drained into a rock basin where people could collect and bathe. The beliefs of those imbuing this water have changed over time as well. Believed originally to be sought by pagan worshippers, Christian settlers would have taken property of these spiritual sites across Britain, dedicating them to various saints and figures. The best assumption we can make is that this particular site was dedicated to St. Thomas, as old documents declare that parishes and churches in Pembrokeshire were dedicated to him, including Newton North. However, the certain history of the well and the ground it flows through, will likely remain shrouded in mystery by the mists of time.


The Well Spa today...


Today, the Well Spa carries on this legacy of healing and rejuvenation for the modern traveller. Elegance and tranquillity set the scene for an experience of holistic healing and luxurious pampering. Our 5* bubble-rated spa innovates in the way it treats its guests, whilst staying true to the legacy and history of its surroundings. Awarded a 5-bubble rating from the Good Spa Guide, which is only shared with a handful of other destinations in the UK and acting as the flagship spa for luxury skincare product provider ESPA, the Well Spa has established itself as a premium destination for rest and relaxation seekers.


Spa Pool
Well Spa Infinity Pool


Inspiration is drawn from the mineral rich waters of the oceans that surround us, and the streams and brooks that flow down onto us from hills and mountains above, as the Well Spa pledges to wash away your worries. From thermal suites to warm or cool, facials, massages, pedicures and more and cutting-edge treatments including new cosmetic innovations from Dibi Milano, allowing you to reap the benefits of your visit long after you’ve been. This keeps the Well Spa at the forefront of the industry whilst it remains an established destination that continues in the spirit of the heritage and history of the ground it stands on.


Experience the Well Spa at Bluestone