An interview with the tooth fairy

February 28th is National Tooth Fairy Day and to commemorate this special occasion, we’ve been given unprecedented permission to share this exclusive interview with our friend, the Tooth Fairy! Here’s how it went...


If you don’t mind us asking, what do you do with all the teeth?


Ah, apparently there’s a widespread rumour that we use them to build castles but that’s just silly because everyone knows that fairies live in the cottages in Bluestone’s Secret Fairy Village! Pssst, do you think you can you keep a secret? We collect the teeth so we can grind them down into Fairy Dust!


What do you use the Fairy Dust for?


All sorts of magical things! We sprinkle it on the ground to make beautiful flowers grow and place it on children’s pillows to give them the most wonderful dreams. Sometimes we’ll even use it to create a colourful rainbow to cheer everyone up on a rainy day.


But what about bad teeth?


Bad teeth make much more work for us! We have to drill out all of the bad bits first so we don’t get nearly as much Fairy Dust from them - that’s why it’s very important to look after your teeth!


How do you know when a child’s tooth has fallen out?


When any of our Tooth Children lose a tooth, we hear a little bell inside of our head. Each Tooth Child has a slightly different sounding bell so we know exactly who the tooth belongs to and who’s home we need to visit that night.

How many Tooth Fairies are there?


There are lots of us who are each assigned a number of Tooth Children. We’ll look after our Tooth Children until they grow into big people or until they just no longer need us anymore.

How do you become a Tooth Fairy?

Only Fairies who study very hard at Fairy School will become Tooth Fairies. It’s our favourite Fairy Job because we get to visit the Human World which is very different to our own.

Are all Fairies invisible?

We Fairies can be very shy so often we will use a little bit of Fairy Dust to make ourselves invisible. Being invisible also makes our job much easier because some of the sillier humans (usually the tall, grown-up ones) don’t “believe” in Fairies and they tend to get very confused if they happen to bump into us without our disguise.

Do you know Santa and the Easter Bunny?

Oh yes, very well! As a matter of fact, we saw Santa not so long ago when he stayed at Bluestone for Kingdom of the Elves. He and his Elves had run out of magical Stardust which makes the Reindeer fly so Santa visited our Secret Fairy Village to borrow some Fairy Dust which worked just as well!

Our special thanks to the Tooth Fairy for giving us this special interview. Next time you’re staying at Bluestone, don’t forget to call into our Secret Fairy Village to say hi to her and her friends!