Spa Etiquette 

Whether it is your first time visiting a spa or you’re a regular visitor we want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable at the Well Spa Retreat. These guidelines are to help make your time in our spa the most relaxing and tranquil experience it can be. 

Spa Journey

We recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your treatment.  

This is so you can complete your consultation form ready for your Spa Therapist. If you have a 50, 80 or 110-minute treatment you are entitled to complimentary access to the thermal suite two hours before your treatment begins. 

This is a perfect way to start your spa experience, as the heat from the treatment rooms can help relax the body as well as the mind. 

On arrival you will receive a towel and robe and our receptionist will show you through to the changing area and advise you of where to go.  

Spa Footwear 

We are a bare foot spa, so please feel free to bring your own flip flops/slippers. If you don't. Spa flip flops are available for purchase at £2.


Lockers are located in the changing areas. No coins are needed and we ask that you keep the locker key on your wrist whilst using the facilities. Guests are responsible for looking after their locker key.

 Thermal Suite

These facilities can be used at leisure but your spa assistant will recommend how best to utilise them and tips and hints can be found in our full online guide. All we ask is for you to respect others relaxation time during your visit. 

 Take Care

 Guests are advised to drink plenty of fluids whilst using the thermal spa experience. If you feel unwell whilst using the facility, please inform a staff member. 

Respect Other Guests 

 You play an important part in creating and maintaining the tranquillity you will find here, so to ensure everyone enjoys their experience, we ask those using the spa to be considerate of their fellow guests. Please keep voice levels to a minimum to preserve the sense of tranquillity. 

Share public spaces respectfully and consider other guests with a private, safe and healthy approach. We recommend you follow the time guidelines for our facilities on our spa journey cards to ensure all our guests are able to use all our facilities. 


All our treatments are personalised to your specific needs and requirements. Each treatment includes a 2-3 minute consultation. This is a converstaion between you and the therapist in the treatment room.


While you wait for your treatment enjoy a refreshing herbal tea or coffee. We have both decaffeinated and caffeinated drinks as well as fruit water, fruit and light nibbles. We also have Prosecco available to purchase, if you fancy some bubbles.

 End of your Spa Journey 

On completing your thermal spa experience and enjoying any booked treatments you will then head back to our reception area – our reception team will ensure that you have everything you need before re-entering reality. 

If you are visiting the Well Spa Retreat for one of our express treatments please arrive 15 minutes before your booking. On arrival you will be greeted in the very same welcoming way and taken into our Cwtch area where you can relax before meeting your personal therapist. 

 Please Note

Our Spa Etiquette has been created to ensure all guests get the most from their time at the Well Spa. Non-compliance with the Spa Experience etiquette may result in access to the facilities being withdrawn

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