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How to have the best rainy day ever

There’s no secret that Wales has its fair share of rainy days, it’s why our land is so lush and green, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. At Bluestone, we’re happiest when we’re outdoors and a bit – or even a lot – of rain doesn’t stop us from having fun. We believe there's no such thing as "bad weather" just the "wrong clothes". Read on to find our best tips for making the most of a rainy day in Pembrokeshire!




When it’s wet and windy, the outdoors offers a whole new realm  of experiences. Have you ever sat on the beach and heard the rain on the sea? If not, it’s definitely one for the Pembrokeshire bucket list. Just like you would for a sunny day – there’s a number of essentials you’ll need to enjoy yourself.

The right clothes

There’s no such thing as bad weather – just the wrong clothes. A bit of rain shouldn’t stop you from exploring Pembrokeshire and you can spend time outdoors all year - as long as you have the right gear!

A pair of wellies

Keeping your feet dry is the key to enjoying yourself outside. For a break in the countryside, your nice white trainers just won’t do – you’ll need a pair of good wellies that you’re happy to stomp around in all day! Wellies mean you don’t have to tiptoe through the woodland or turn back because there’s a puddle that’s just a tiny bit too deep. They’re also much easier to clean than trainers, where the mud soaks into the fabric.



Our tip - Keep them on after the rain has stopped, often the ground will be soaked and churned up for days after a heavy downpour, and it’s much more difficult to navigate without them on.


Waterproof coat

Many coats aren’t 100% waterproof and if you want to spend time outside in the rain, you’ll need something more durable that will keep you both warm and dry. Or, you could invest in a waterproof shell jacket, that you can slip over your usual coat or warmer layers.

Our tip - Whatever you choose, make sure it has a hood, an umbrella isn’t really compatible with hiking through the Preseli Hills or exploring the coast path, so it’s best not to rely on that to keep you dry.


Waterproof trousers

Slipping over in the mud, sitting down on a rain-soaked bench, or finding a nice spot on a grass bank to admire the view – not a problem with waterproof trousers. Not as common as a waterproof coat, but just as valuable, we never head outside unless we’re fully protected from the elements.

Definitely, a must if you want to head off the resort for an afternoon walking, waterproof trousers keep you snug so you can keep enjoying your day – even if you get caught out in a shower. It also means you can protect your clothes from getting ruined as it doesn’t matter how wet or muddy you get - you’re clean and dry underneath. 


Don't let the rain hold you back

Once you’re equipped with these items, you’ll be surprised just how much time you can spend outside without feeling the need to take cover, and that’s good news because Pembrokeshire is a whole new world when the rain is falling. Explore the coast path, head to the beach, and uncover gems in rock pools and caves, climb the Preseli hills and trek through the ancient land. 



Be flexible with your plans

Just like the sudden changes in the weather, you’ll have to be flexible when it comes to planning. Rain can alter conditions quickly, so perhaps avoid the more challenging walks, like steep stretches of the coast path, and head to the beach inside, or allow yourself a bit longer to complete it. There’s nothing wrong with abandoning your plans and picking something that fits into the weather a little better – you can always come back to it again. Make sure to check weather forecasts and abide by any warnings while out in the National Park.



Explore places you love (again)

The rain can completely change the feel and landscape of the outdoors, and places you’ve visited when it’s sunny, or dry, can become a different place, so, make sure to head back in a downpour to enjoy it all over again. If you’re a fan of moody skies and watching the weather roll in on the coast, we recommend Whitesands Bay, where you can enjoy views out over the coast.



Get active

If you’re going to get wet anyway, why not have some fun? Watersports along the coast run throughout the year, and in most weathers. Our favourite for a wet day is coasteering, being in caves and scrambling along the coast is a different experience when you add in the weather!





We know even with the best intentions, not everyone wants to spend their time outside when it’s wet. The good news is Pembrokeshire is packed with things to do and places to visit indoors, here are our favourite places.



Our ground-breaking Serendome means that you can spend as long as you like outdoors without getting wet. Serendome acts like a giant umbrella, a magical transparent roof that stretches over countless fun activities, our huge amphitheatre, and plenty of places to eat and drink. We love the Sky Walk – where you’ll take on challenges obstacles while suspended in the air plus keep an eye out for the stunning shows at the Cloud Theatre!




The Blue Lagoon

Yes, this still involves getting wet! But the subtropical temperatures in the Blue Lagoon waterpark are guaranteed to keep you warm while having wild adventures.



The Well Spa

We could well argue the best time to head to the Well Spa is when it's raining. Spend your day relaxing in the thermal suite, before indulging in a pamper treatment - without feeling guilty about spending time inside.




The Pembrokeshire Castles

Why not enjoy a bit of history? Pembroke, Manorbier, and Carew castle are probably the most famous of Pembrokeshire's castles, but they're far from the only ones. Why not try Llawhaden, Cilgerran, or Picton, which is just down the road.




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