Free Range Future

Here at Bluestone, it’s important that we back up everything we say with real evidence. So when we say we’re working to make our resort more sustainable, we really mean it. And you don’t have to just take our word for it – in 2022 the Wildlife Trust studied the resort and declared it in keeping with a nature reserve.

Ultimately, we’d like to get as close to being fossil fuel free operationally as we can. At the beginning of February, Bluestone took delivery of the solar panels for our brand new solar project. The development of a five-hectare 3.2 megawatt solar farm in 2024 will generate up to 30 per cent of Bluestone’s annual electricity usage. It takes the resort a giant leap forward away from a reliance on fossil fuels.

The solar project goes hand in hand with our free-range ethos and our commitment to our environmental, social and economic impact. We are already a car-free resort and set in 500-acres of woodland and countryside, Bluestone feels like a world away from the busyness of normal life. The safe and quiet atmosphere makes it more enjoyable for our guests and wildlife alike. And if you do want to get around on a set of wheels, we offer electric buggies and bikes to get around - giving you the chance to take things slow and enjoy a different way to travel.

Over the past year or so we’ve also electrified most of our vehicle fleet and installed five twin-socket chargers in the long stay car park and six twin-socket chargers in Merlin’s Crest for guests to charge their electric vehicles.

Throughout January, February and March, our Winter Lights Festival brings magic and wonder for the whole family to enjoy. As the sun sets, the magic begins to stir as the enchanted light returns to our resort in a NEW location in the magical Serendome. Whether it’s our Winter Lights or the Summer Festival, they’re all powered by carbon-free REGO-backed electricity.

We like to lead from the front – we were the first hospitality business in the UK to switch its gas supply to 100% biopropane, made from plant and vegetable waste. And our Blue Lagoon Water Park is believed to be the first facility of its kind heated with locally-sourced biomass rather than oil, saving well over 1,000 tonnes of CO² a year. The HIVE and 60 of our lodges are also heated with biomass, all from within 30 miles of the resort. Our latest Platinum lodges are kept warm thanks to state-of-the-art air source heat pumps.

It means that a Bluestone break does our guests good as well as the beautiful Pembrokeshire National Park which surrounds the resort. What sets us apart from other resorts is our glorious and world-renowned coastal setting. We owe it to the environment and to those who call it home to do our bit to protect it for future generations.

Whether it’s our very own semi-ancient woodland – home to otters and hedgehogs – or the coast path – where Humpy the humpback whale recently made a visit – sustainability is the key to safeguarding this special place.

When we talk about ‘our neighbourhood’, we want our guests to enjoy it as much as we do but not at its detriment. Moving towards ending our use of fossil fuels and switching to clean, green, renewable energy and moving to a circular economy where we reduce, reuse and recycle more demonstrates our commitment to a Free Range Future.


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