Pembrokeshire's Most Instagrammable Places

Picturesque Pembrokeshire is perfect for intrepid photographers to visit and capture stunning scenery and magical moments. From golden beaches, fairy-tale countryside, ancient monuments and bright and colourful towns, Pembrokeshire is a tapestry of colour and culture waiting to be discovered.

To discover some of Pembrokeshire’s most photogenic spots, read on below:

The Green Bridge of Wales

Distance from Bluestone - 18.8 miles

Off Pembrokeshire’s south coast overlooking Wash Bay, structural marvels of nature stand against the surf. The towering arch of the Green Bridge of Wales juts out from the coast. Carved into the limestone cliffs by crashing waves and sweeping tide, the Green Bridge almost seems impossible in its majesty, and is testament to the power of the natural world. Formed over millennia via coastal erosion, the Green Bridge was formed as the sea carved caverns into the coast. Eventually, these caverns met and opened out into the archway we see today.




Elegug Stacks

Near the Bridge sits Elegug Stacks (or Stack Rocks). Elegug is the Welsh name for the coastal birds such as Guillemots and Razorbills that can be found roosting and hunting around the rocks. The Stack Rocks serve as a glimpse into the Green Bridge’s future, as eventually the will of the tide will collapse the Bridge into the sea, leaving it a similar spectacle as its neighbour.

For your information:
Access to the Green Bridge and Stack Rocks is via the Castlemartin Firing Range which is closed when in military use, so make sure to check ahead of time when planning a visit!




St. Govan's Chapel

Distance from Bluestone - 18.3 miles

Tucked away in the limestone cliffs on Pembrokeshire’s south coast sits another creation, this time man-made. With an air of the otherworldly, perched above the surf below, St. Govan’s Chapel is secluded away amongst the rock. The story goes that over 500 years ago old Saint Govan was walking the coast when he was set upon by pirates. Fleeing he found the cliff open before him, protecting him from his pursuers. Taking it as a sign he wrought his hermit’s cell from the limestone cliff which has stood to this day as St. Govan’s Chapel. Mystery remains, as legend says that if you count the steps down to the chapel, they won’t be the same on the way back up!

Learn more about St.Govan’s and find our walking guide here:




Skomer Island

One of Pembrokeshire’s most iconic features are it’s set of islands that sit just off its coast. One of which is Skomer Island. Made up of volcanic rock that is believed to have been formed from lava flow dating in the hundreds of millions, and with prehistoric field lines still visible, Skomer Island is a living monument to ancient history. What the island is most famous for though is its inhabitants. Inquisitive puffins call the island home, where they make burrows to raise their young and dive from clifftops to hunt. They make for perfect models for intrepid photographers, however, just be careful not to stray from the designated paths as to not disturb their burrows.

How to get there? Take a boat trip from Martin's Haven (22.6 miles from Bluestone)

To learn more about Skomer, read about our trip to the island here:




Preseli Hills

Distance from Bluestone - 15.4 miles

Away from the coast and sweeping up and over the Pembrokeshire landscape are the iconic Preseli Hills. Rich in history, mystery and stunning scenery, the Preseli’s have attracted countless visitors who are on a quest to experience and capture the magic hidden in the hills. Neolithic monuments such as Bedd Arthur, a site that locals claim as the final resting place of King Arthur, and the imposing dolmen tomb of Pentre Ifan are scattered throughout the hills, making for an exploration of ancient history. Descending the southern slopes of the hills will bring you to Rosebush Quarry, where clear emerald waters coloured so by the slate rock surrounding the lake offer a spot of scenic beauty.

Learn more about the hills and their history and how to explore them here:





Distance from Bluestone - 13.4 miles

Fresh coastal air, colourful architecture, 4-kilometres of sandy beaches and historic locations have made Tenby a must visit destination for visitors venturing into Pembrokeshire. The bright building of old town set against the soft swell of the harbour sets a picturesque scene, as sunlight shimmers of the clear waters, gently bobbling boats and rainbow buildings on the shore. Medieval town walls as well as a 15th century church connect Tenby to it’s past, whilst in the here and now Tenby remains one of Pembrokeshire’s most iconic destinations.





Distance from Bluestone - 4.3 miles

A quirky market town sitting along the Landsker line – the historical border between the English and Welsh speaking parts of West Wales – Narberth is a hub of artsy and interesting delights. Georgian and Edwardian townhouses give the town it’s distinguished feel, whilst galleries and boutiques make for great exploring. Foodies can find anything from Spanish delicatessens to the finest in local produce, including butcher Andrew Rees who supplies us here at Bluestone. There’s also the annual Narberth Food Festival that’s held in the town over the autumn that celebrates the best in Welsh food and drink.



Canaston Woods

Distance from Bluestone - Right on our doorstep!

With lush greenery and accessible woodland walks, Canaston Woods is a rambler’s dream. Within the 420-acres of spectacular ancient woodland, a multitude of paths and trails weave through the woods. 15th-century chapels, iron age forts, the spectacular Blackpool Mill and more are all just rewards for explorers taking to the woodland paths. The Knights’ Way, an ancient pilgrim’s route between St Davids Cathedral in the north of Pembrokeshire, and Amroth on the east coast runs straight through it. Packed with natural beauty and housing sprawling ancient history, Canaston Woods offers so much to be experienced and captured.

Learn more about Canaston Woods with our guide here:





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