Elves enlisted to cope with the influx of letters to Santa at Bluestone

By Megan Tapper

A group of elves from the North Pole have been relocated to the Welsh countryside to help deal with an influx of children’s Christmas wish-list letters to Father Christmas.

The little helpers at Kingdom of the Elves at Bluestone National Park Resort, Pembrokeshire, are dealing with a deluge of wishes and wants at their elf workshop from children keen to ensure they get their favourite Christmas presents.

Santa has moved a number of his very best little helpers to Bluestone to help with the demand. Most children still use the tried and tested method of writing a personal letter to Santa, rather than emailing or tweeting him.

Starting on the 7th November through to the 4th January, the doors will open to the Elf Workshop at Kingdom of the Elves. Visitors will be able to follow the elves on an adventure as they deal with the many Christmas wish letters and prepare the gifts that Santa will deliver by reindeer and sleigh.

They can watch as the elves lead young visitors  on a two hour magical journey and see what happens to each special letter that Santa receives. How does he possibly manage to make wishes come true for millions of children all around the world? With a little help from his elves, of course.

“The journey is more magical and awe-inspiring than ever before, with fun, games and interactivity every step of the way,” said Elf Wishy Washy who is in charge of the post room.

Children become Elfployees of the Elf Workshop as they join in and lend a helping hand at each of the rooms in the workshop. Laugh along and feel the magic as our bevy of charming elves take on the letters and make the gifts on the list. Whatsmore, the budding Elfployees will collect a special little gift from every room they visit along the way.

Elf Wishy Washy added: “We can’t believe how many Christmas wish letters to Santa have already come to our workshop; from Wales, France, India – even as far as Australia.

We were to help with the demand and of course, we said yes. Nothing makes us happier than helping people to get ready for Christmas.”
Since its inception in 2010 Bluestone’s Kingdom of the Elves has captured the imaginations of thousands of families and made countless Christmas wishes come true. Becoming bigger and more enchanting year after year, Kingdom of the Elves is set for another magical winter season.

For more information, visit http://www.bluestonewales.com/breaks-holidays/winter/christmas/kingdom-of-the-elves

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