Health and Vitality Fit Club Exclusively for Women

An all-women fitness camp has been launched in the heart of Pembrokeshire to tackle the increasing needs of women to rejuvenate and motivate themselves.

As more and more women become aware of the need to exercise and monitor their nutritional intake in order to stay healthy, lose weight and for general wellbeing, the Bluestone National Park Resort has enlisted professional trainers to lead a dedicated ‘Health and Vitality Fit Camp’.

“Women generally treat fitness and wellbeing seriously but often find it difficult to get motivated or even find the time to undertake regular exercise because of family or work life,” said Jules Werner, a military training instructor who will help lead the Fit Camp with Lotty Sykes.

“Quite often they just get bored with the same routines and give up. This often leads to a rise in stress levels and a lack of self-motivation.”

She added: “The Bluestone Health and Vitality Fit Camp will help women kick-start their exercise and motivate them into a new healthier lifestyle – supporting goals such as weight loss, pushing fitness boundaries or just helping them to get away from life’s stresses and strains to get outdoors and motivated.”

The Fit Camp is offered as a weekend (16th-19th September) or midweek break (19th-23rd September) at the five-star Bluestone National Park Resort, situated in the idyllic Pembrokeshire National Park, and will be led and guided by professional and experienced physical instructors.

A nutritional therapist is also working with the team to create nutritious menus and group workshops to support health, weight loss and wellbeing. Lotty added: “The workshops will allow guests to develop an understanding about ‘why we eat the way we eat’ and dispel some of the myths concerning dieting.”

Fit Camp will include a range of activities, including a tailored fitness programme, pool circuits in the Blue Lagoon water park, circuit training, mountain biking, orienteering, leadership tasks, relaxation sessions, exercise counseling, individual fitness programmes, beach runs, dietary advice and daily personal feedback sessions.

In addition, guests will use the high ropes, archery, skytrail, assault course and other activities within Bluestone’s Steep Ravine as part of the fitness tasks.

They will also have access to The Well holistic thermal spa and book treatments and sessions in the spa to help relax and rejuvenate, as well as full access to the Blue Lagoon water park.

The fitness camp starts from £375 per person.

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