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We are really proud of Bluestone and want to share our unique national park holiday resort with everyone! If you have a media enquiry for press or broadcast please email us at:

Showing articles from February 2010

Jane Davidson Sustainability Minister Hails Credentials

Bluestone has been hailed as a “wonderful example of a sustainable business” by Welsh Assembly Minister Jane Davidson, who visited the national park resort for the first time last week. Ms Davidson, the Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Housing, was shown around the resort and its facilities, including Blue Lagoon - believed to be the only biomass-heated waterpark in the world. Read More

Steep Ravine Challenge

The last few months has meant many businesses have faced tougher and tougher challenges and changing environments. This can lead to fragmented teams and poor communication. Getting 110% from your team is crucial in today's environment and team building is a vital tool to re-engage and re-invigorate your workforce. Read More

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