High Ropes

Ages   10+
Paying adult required
2 hrs Session
Steep Ravine
Face your fears, get your heart racing and enjoy the experience of the High Ropes!

If you’ve got the energy to burn and are up for a challenge then head to the Steep Ravine and try our High Ropes course. We’ll be knocking you off your feet and taking you 60ft up into the tree-tops, where you’ll tackle a range of different obstacles, rocking bridges, and challenges. We’ll have you scampering through tunnels, crossing nets, and sailing through the trees as we put you through physical and mental tests.  

There’s no better way to escape into the woodland, get fresh air into your lungs than on the High Ropes and the feeling that comes with completing the course will make it all worth it.

We’ll even give you a chance to stop and admire the beautiful ancient woodland – but only for a minute! 

The essentials

  • One participating adult aged 18+ to accompany up to two children aged 10 to 17 years
  • For children 16 and over, an adult can accompany up to five children
  • Height restriction: minimum 1.4m
  • Weight restriction: maximum 18.9 stone 
Location and Time

This takes place in the Steep Ravine. Guests will need to meet their activity instructor at the Activity Hut behind the Tournament Field before the session begins. Please arrive around 10 - 15 minutes before your session is due to begin so you can meet your instructor and compete safety and health checks.


It's important for your comfort and safety during the session to be wearing appropriate clothing. You'll need closed toe footwear (trainers/flat boots preferable) and long trousers are reccomended. Pleased don't wear heeled shoes or flip-flops.

Hair and Accessories

You don't want to lose anything so make sure your hair is tied back for the duration of the activity and empty your pockets of anything valuable before your session starts or make sure they're secured. Rings will need to be removed/taped

Enhanced Health and Safety Measures

The COVID-19 situation is constantly evolving, and as we reopen activities our approach will be as flexible as possible to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our guests and staff. As a result, this activity has been reimagined and changed to fit within our new enhanced health and safety measures, without compromising on the Free Range fun!

  • Protective Measures: reduced number on each session. Toilets nearby for hand-washing pre-session and advised at the completion
  • Physical Distancing: reduced number to eight maximum. One person per platform unless the group is from the same family bubble. Your harnesses will be placed on the floor before your arrival, and social distancing will be maintained as you continue through the ravine to tackle each element 
  • Limited-Contact Enhancements: instructor to led session with verbal communication at a safe distance with floor markings used. PPE to be worn by the instructor when social distancing isn't possible e.g. checking harness is safe 
  • Increased and Enhanced Cleaning: touchpoints sanitised post-session. Hand sanitiser available on course. Guests asked if any prior flu-like symptoms. Harnesses sanitised pre-use and post-session 
  • Enhanced Communication With Staff: all team members have been given new enhanced training to listen to any concerns you may have, we will take immediate action to place you at ease during the session. Face mask, visor, apron, and gloves may be used by the instructor if required.