Ages   6+
Adult required
15 mins Session
Reach for the sky at the indoor tree climb!

Can you make it to the top of the StarCatcher and ring the bell? During the session, you will learn to navigate your way up the StarCatcher, a naturally grown tree adapted for climbing, with two different courses that increase in difficulty as you progress.

Finding it too simple? Our instructor is on hand to lay out a series of challenges that will keep you sweating. Or, if you’re struggling, we can make it a little easier and give a few pointers to help you succeed!

StarCatcher is ideal for anyone who wants to try tree climbing but isn’t ready to venture outside just yet. You’ll find the activity at the centre of Serendome, next to SkyWalk and the Bar-o-meter.

The essentials

StarCatcher takes place in Serendome. On entry turn left and make your way around towards SkyWalk and the Bar-O-Meter. Please arrive at StarCatcher around 10 minutes before your session is due to begin so you can meet your instructor and complete safety and health checks.

Please wear appropriate clothing for your comfort and safety. Activity requires closed toe footwear (e.g. trainers/flat boots).

  • Participants need to have good ability with their arms and legs to conquer this activity
  • Guests must be over 6-years-old, a minimum height of 1.1m and a maximum weight of 18.9st/120kg to take part 
Enhanced Health and Safety Measures

The COVID-19 situation is constantly evolving, and as we reopen activities our approach will be as flexible as possible to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our guests and staff. As a result, this activity has been reimagined and changed to fit within our new enhanced health and safety measures, without compromising on the Free Range fun!

  • Protective Measures: reduced our numbers to two, unless they are in the same family bubble. Area self contained within fence. One climber per side. Toilets nearby for hand washing pre-session and advised at completion.
  • Physical Distancing: floor markings for where guests are to stand, spectators are outside of this area. Signage placed around the area to remind everyone of the social distancing guidelines.
  • Limited-Contact Enhancements: instructor led session with verbal communication from a distance. PPE to be worn by instructor when social distancing isn't possible e.g. checking harness is safe.
  • Increased and Enhanced Cleaning: after each session, 15 minutes will be set aside for grips to be sanitised. Before session begins, guests asked if they've experienced flu like illness. Harness is sanitised pre-use and post-session. 
  • Enhanced Communication with Staff: all team members have been given new enhanced training to listen to any concerns you may have, we will take immediate action to place you at ease during the session. Face masks/visor may be used by instructor if required.
  • Due to COVID measures, approx climb time is 15 minutes


Will require supervision.
Will require supervision
Restriction on heart/back complaints.