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Indoor and Outdoor Adult Fun, Relaxation and Exhilaration - Go On Give It A Go!

While you’re with us, take the opportunity to do something you’ve never tried before - it’s the best remedy for frazzled urbanites. Whether it’s a mud wrap, a high-rope zip line, shooting a bow or a crossbow, riding a horse on a beach, or a history trail walk, we’re sure to have something on offer that you’ve never done. So go on, tap into your inner child and give it a go. You might like it.

Combine your luxury break with adrenalin fuelled activities, exhilarating getaways or just chilled out experiences that will leave you relaxed and ready for anything.

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High Ropes at the Steep Ravine

Get ready to hang, climb and swing your way from sky station to sky station before zip wiring your way back to the start and taking on challenge two which steps up the obstacles just a notch with a wobbly bridge and swinging tires to navigate. This is a great one for bringing out the supportive side in your loved ones as you find yourself screaming across the sky whilst they watch on crying with laughter.

Steep Ravine
  • High Ropes

Sky Wires at Steep Ravine

There’s a new exhilarating activity at Steep Ravine – introducing, the Sky Wire course. Fly through the skies on our four new breathtaking zip wires which range from 60 to 250ft long. Scream as you whizz and whip your way through the towering forest. Just one of the many thrilling and exciting activities on offer at Steep Ravine. Just remember to feel the fear and do it anyway!

Steep Ravine
  • Sky Wire

Tree Climbing at Steep Ravine

Revert back to nostalgic childhood memories with our tree climbing activity. Get out of your comfort zone and you’ll be surprised at the sense of achievement you feel. All harnessed up, under guidance of our experienced instructors you’ll claw your way up the pines of the Steep Ravine forest. There’s nothing that will make you feel so ‘at one’ with nature than swaying in the gentle breeze on the trunk of a tree.

Steep Ravine
  • tree climbing

Archery at the Tournament Field

Shooting an arrow isn’t as easy as it looks, it takes skill both physically and mentally – the concentration demanded has actually been attributed to stress relief as the mind needs to be so completely focused on the task at hand – and of course it’s great fun.

Tournament Field
  • archery

Rock Climbing

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or just enjoy a bit of competition, we’re almost certain it will be tough to resist the brand new climbing wall. With a variety of routes to the top you can enjoy a fun and healthy challenge. If you’re afraid that your not up to it, our trained instructors will be on hand to offer you the best techniques get to the summit!

The Lake

Water Activities/8+ years/Seasonal

Splash, paddle, play and have bags of fun with our range of water adventures. Choose from kayaking, paddleboarding, raft-building and coracle racing and try the only activity where it's almost more fun to fail! With experienced instructors guiding you through the sessions and games and challenges, you'll learn how to become a paddle-pro all while enjoying yourself.

Visit The Lake
  • raft building on lake
  • kayaking lake view

Laser Clay Shoot

Pull! Shoot… Win. When you hear the word “pull” your senses will be twitching in readiness as you aim at the clay flying through the air. Track, aim and fire your laser rifle to get yourself on the leaderboard.

  • Lasey clay Field
  • Front on look at Laser Clay
  • Laser Clay Close Up

Cross Bow

The medieval Knight was the most powerful and effective warrior said to be worth 10 foot soldiers- all because of his cross bow. Introduced to the UK by William the Conqueror and the Normans in 1066 the cross bow has been an important part of the history of warfare. At Bluestone the crossbow can be enjoyed as a competitive sport to enjoy amongst friends. Test your aim, speed and accuracy.

Tournament Field
  • tournament field cross bow

The Well Spa Retreat

Whether it’s to wind down from all of the elation of the Steep Ravine or to recuperate after busy stressful days at the office The Well Spa Retreat is a sanctuary, a place where you can re-balance and regroup in the bliss of our unique thermal suite, Cwtch area and not to mention indulging in our indulgent treatment menu.

The Well Spa Retreat View Treatment Menu
  • salt room

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