Cleddau River Adventure

Ages   6+
Paying adult required
6 hrs Session
Blue Lagoon Water Park
Explore the beautiful Cleddau Estuary, Pembrokeshire's best-kept secret, on our River Adventure day trip.

New Activity: Available from 24th May 2021!


A paddle in your hand, lunch cooked on a campfire, and the chance to explore the only inland area of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park - our River Adventure is an unforgettable experience that's ideal for a break in the outdoors.

Ideal for a family day out or as a group, we'll be taking you off-resort for an all-day adventure that combines a canoe trip and bushcraft skills, with the chance to explore this enchanting waterway. Led by a qualified instructor, you will paddle canoes along one of our designated river routes while enjoying the beautiful wildlife and scenic surroundings. Our guides will give you tips on your paddle techniques, as well as filling you in on some of the history and facts about the area as you make your way along the water.

At lunchtime, you'll stop riverside for a campfire cooking session, where you will learn bushcraft skills to prepare and cook your own food. After refuelling, it will be back to the canoes for another exciting paddling session, before heading back home to Bluestone with a smile on your face!

Just a short drive from Bluestone, the Cleddau is a breathtaking waterway bursting with wildlife and incredible scenery. Linking Haverfordwest with Carew, East Williamston, Blackpool Mill, Pembroke Dock, and Milford Haven, the Cleddau meanders through the middle of the county and is encased by high wooded banks that keep the river quiet and tranquil.

As part of the National Park, and as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and Special Area of Conservation the river and its banks are protected areas and it's easy to believe you've slipped into another world as you enjoy a relaxing paddle. Our team knows the river well so you'll be in good hands. We have a choice of incredible routes to take you on and can fit the day around your needs and abilities to make sure everyone gets the best out of your trip.

Check out how your day could go: 

River Adventure Itinerary

0930 Meet and Greet at Blue Lagoon 

0935 Activity briefing 

0945 Kit Issue 

1000 Transport to the activity location 

1030 Safety brief and kit check 

1040 On the water 

1200 Arrive at the lunch spot 

1210 Bushcraft session cooking sausages and bread on sticks, on the campfire 

1330 Back on the water 

1420 Off the water 

1500 Load boats and transport back  

1530 Arrive back at Blue Lagoon 


Learn more about the Cleddau

The river's name comes from the Welsh word cleddyf meaning 'sword' and may well refer to how the estuary and its many branches cut up into the centre of Pembrokeshire, splitting the southern part of the county into two distinct sides.

With only one crossing between Pembroke Dock and Neyland, and high wooded banks and stretches of woodland, it's not easy to get access to the Cleddau, leaving much of the river unspoiled and peaceful.

Find out more about the secret waterway with our river guide.

The essentials

Activity Summary
  • Duration 6 hours, comprising approximately 60 minutes total travel time, 90 minutes bushcraft lunch, and 2 canoe sessions of 90 minutes
  • Lunch included - Fire and Feast Bush Craft session
  • Transport to and from the river side
Who can take part in this activity?

This is an accessible day trip for families with children (6 years and over). Children can be paired up to paddle a canoe with an adult, or multiple small children can sit in a canoe with two adults. For groups who are less experienced canoes can be rafted together to make them very stable. 

All children taking part must be accompanied by an adult also taking part.


Sessions will take place in a canoe. 

On the day, you will be provided with: 

- wetsuit ( If you have your own wetsuit then feel free to use this instead)

- safety equipment 

- buoyance vest

Health and Safety Measures

This activity is reviewed and updated in line with government and NGB recommendations. 

  • Staff do not attend work if they are symptomatic
  • During the briefing, guests are advised they may not take part if they have had Covid or have been symptomatic or in contact with someone who has in the 14 days prior to the session.
  • Equipment is washed, disinfected, or isolated at the end of each session 
  • Participants do not share equipment 
  • Staff have their own set of equipment which is not shared with anyone else

We don’t plan for you to get wet on this activity unless you really want to! Dress appropriately for the weather on the day including closed-toe footwear. It can be cold and windy on the estuary even when it's warm elsewhere, so bring an extra layer, a hat, and a waterproof jacket. If it's sunny don't forget the sunscreen.

We also stock extra thermal layers, gloves, and hoods for those who are worried about feeling the cold, and there are spare waterproofs and warm layers to borrow if needed.

Accessible for all

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy adventures in the great outdoors regardless of ability. If you or anyone in your group requires extras assistance then we can create an adventure just for you. Whether that involves adapting our itinerary or using specialised equipment to ensure everyone can take part, we'll do whatever it takes to put a smile on everyone's face.


This activity requires a basic level of fitness. If you are pregnant or have any pre-existing conditions or injuries that may impede your enjoyment of the activity, then we recommend consulting your doctor or medical provider before taking part.