Panning For Gold

Ages   4+
Adult required
45 mins Session
Camp Smokey

A gold panning experience like no other!

Set in the heart of the Steep Ravine, join Smokey Joe and Digger and understand the history of this Welsh Gold Mine. Get to know these loveable characters and put a shift in at the trough, taught by one of the best. Can you sieve out the golden nuggets from the buckets of dirt brought up from the depths of the ravine? 

A toe tapping, knee slapping, pan clanging good time! Watch as Smokey smelts down your golden nuggets into a golden ingot right before your eyes, and for all your hard work you get to keep them!   


Need to know


All participants are required to have appropriate clothing and suitable footwear for the session

Booking Information

Children need to be accompanied on this activity but adults are not required to pay unless they want to create their own Golden ingot.

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