High Ropes

Are you the king (or queen) of the swingers?

See the world from a completely new perspective as you travel through the treetops. Tackle the exhilarating High Ropes challenges while you’re 60 feet in the air!

What's involved:

  • Tackle a range of different obstacles, rocking bridges, and challenges, up to 60ft into the tree-tops! 
  • Wriggle through tunnels, cross nets, and glide through the trees on physical and mental tests

  • The satisfaction of completing the course makes it all worthwhile

  • Stop and admire the beautiful ancient woodland – but only for a minute! 


  • Ages 10+
  • Paying adult required
  • Available in 2023 only
High Ropes Tyres
High Ropes Cargo Net
High Ropes Getting Ready
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