Spooky Science Workshop

Let’s go up to the lab for experiments fab!

Fancy yourself a mad scientist in the making?

Down at the Spooky Science Workshop, the loony lab technicians invite you to let your scientific side run wild and learn the eccentric experiments that make the Bwbach Festival such a wacky place!

Whether you’re a serious scientist or want to make a whole heap of mess, there’s fun for all at the kookiest, loopiest, spookiest workshop around!

What’s involved: 

  • Scientific fun! Take part in a variety of colourful and crazy experiments.
  • Our loopy lab technicians run the session, ensuring lots of laughter


  • Ages 4+
  • 45 minutes
  • Cloud Theatre
  • Adult required
  • September - November
Spookey Science Workshop Experiments
Spookey Science Workshop Blue Glass
Spookey Science Workshop Red Glass
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