Bluestone Free Rangers

Outdoor Adventures For Kids

Inspired by the beauty and wonder of Bluestone's National Park Resort and the Free Range ethos, our Ranger Activities for 0 - 12 year-olds are the perfect introduction to the natural world. 

Split into three levels - Mini Rangers, Junior Rangers and Celtic Rangers - they haven been designed to spark curiosity, build skills and develop a child's imagination all while having fun in the great outdoors. 

The sessions are run by our friendly activity team, who are not only outdoor experts, they're pretty funny too, so make sure you join them on an adventure during your stay.

Mini Rangers 

Ages 0 - 3 years

Keep busy hands and feet playing with our Mini Ranger activities! 

Designed to engage and entertain toddler-aged children, the Mini Ranger sessions allow those with the littlest feet to take their first steps of adventure, learn new skills and explore their senses.  

 Woody Wild Crèche 

0 - 3 years  ✶ Unaccompanied ✶ Food included ✶ 3hr

Your mini rangers will love our crèche sessions that are filled with fun, creative, free play and imagination sparking activities. Perfect for 0-3 year-olds, food is included in the three hour session and as an unaccompanied activity it gives mums and dads the chance to explore the resort for themselves safe in the knowledge their little one is having a great time.

Messy Mayhem

13 months - 5 years ✶ Accompanied ✶ 1hr

Ready, steady, let’s get messy and enjoy an hour of discovery and delight. Dive into the Mud Kitchen, build your very own HMS Nest and finish with a massive dance!

During the session your little one will get the chance to try a number of different arts, crafts and activities - each aimed at developing different skills and senses through play and remember, make as much mess as you can!

SENSES Toddler Time 

13 months - 5 years ✶ Accompanied ✶ 1hr

Jump, roll and tumble on a magical journey through SENSES Toddler Time. 

Focusing on action and movement, visual, coordination and relaxation - the sensory experience will enable your toddler to explore their surroundings and learn through fun and games. Shake out your sillies, catch a falling star, learn to band to the beat and enjoy an exciting Woody Wild story, during the action-packed session. 

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Junior Rangers

Ages 4 - 7 years

Build dens, splash in puddles, look for bugs, get muddy: it’s all about free range fun for the Junior Rangers! 

There's adventure and excitement around every corner when you head out with the Free Rangers to explore the natural world, inside and out. 

Nature Art

4 - 7 years ☆ Unaccompanied Food included ☆ 3hrs 

Give your child a chance to express their artistic side in ways you've never imagined by taking an unforgettable, creative journey through Bluestone's beautiful forest.

During the session they will learn to forage for natural materials, uncover hidden treasures and use the forest as inspiration for their own works of art. Be warned: There will be muddy hands from crafting, painting and exploring, tired legs from adventuring and huge smiles on faces by the time the session ends! 

Outdoor Detectives 

Under 7 years ☆ Accompanied ☆ 1hr

Become a real Outdoor Detective as you uncover the wonders of the forest with our Free Rangers. After meeting at Ranger HQ you'll make your very own detective leaf crown before a beast hunt in the forest where you'll learn all about creatures great and small and the where they call home.

Your adventure won't end there either! Each Ranger will be given their own Ranger Scrapbook that provides expedition advice on adventures of your own, dissecting clouds, why it rains, creatures of the night and how to try beachcombing. 

Go Wild

4 - 12 years ☆ Accompanied ☆ 2hrs

A masterclass in teamwork and family adventure, Go Wild is the ultimate activity for outdoor enthusiasts!

Work together to solve puzzles, find geo-cache locations and overcome challenges in the forest to uncover the location of our woodland den where your adventure continues. Once you've discovered the forest hideaway, it's time to rustle up a feast around the fire, toasting marshmallows and popping some corn before learning bush-craft techniques, den building and survival skills. 

Once you've survived all that it's time for your final, epic challenge - The Forest Escape. Will you emerge as victors? 

Children's Games Night

4 - 12 years ☆ Unaccompanied ☆ 2hrs 30mins

Get ready, get steady...Rangers go! Work in teams to complete challenges and compete in games during our fun-filled Free Ranger's Games Night.This unaccompanied session is ideal for kids to grow in confidence as they make new friends and work with others to emerge as champions of the night!

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Celtic Rangers 

Age 8 - 12 years

With 8-12-year-olds it can sometimes be tough to coax them away from the computer or the TV screens in today’s vast maze of technology and gaming, but worry not – we’ll have them running, jumping and playing in no time. 

Our Celtic Ranger activities are slightly more challenging than the Junior sessions and aimed specifically at the tween age group. 

Tournament Field

8 years+ ☆ Accompanied ☆ 45mins

Step back in history as you take on the challenge of the ancient Tournament Field. 

Choose from our three field activities, Spear Throwing, Axe Throwing and Archery and receive expert guidance from our team of instructors, who will bring out your inner warrior during the exciting session!

4x4 Safari Driving

6 - 10 years ☆ Accompanied ☆ 45mins

Get your engines running, it's time to take on the 4X4 Safari! Take on the twist and turns of the exciting track and overcome more than a few challenges during the adrenaline pumping session, featuring log fences, hills, different levels, reversing bays, willow tunnels to drive over. Must be aged 6-10, guardian required.

Family Rangers

Spend quality time with your family during your break by trying one of our family activities. 

Tawny Tails

All ages ✶ Accompanied ✶ 1hr

An interactive puppet show like no other, Tawny is our beloved and mischievous storyteller who will take you on an epic, magical adventure. 

With a sprinkling of 'twit' and a little 't-woo', our feathered friend's epic tales will have you on your edge of your seat and with laughs and entertainment guaranteed, whatever the age you're bound to have a 'hoot'!

Secret Village

Under 6s ✶ Accompanied ✶ 90mins

Join our magical storyteller for a journey of discovery into Bluestone's ancient woodland. 

Using just a little fairy dust, together you'll uncover the secret home of Welsh hobbits and fairies and watch as the fantasy world comes alive around you. An interactive session that captures the imagination, the Secret Village is fun for the whole family.